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It's Our Birthday And We....

If you haven’t already heard, April is our birthday month and we turned eight on April 1st. Yay us! It has been eight years filled with anticipation, fear, excitement, despair (remember that little thing we had in 2020?), laughter, and tears. All of the feels have been felt by me, the blue door team, and the blue door community.

The OG members have seen the progression of blue door from the home studio (340 sq ft space) where I crammed way too many people into the room; the original "The Grove" studio, 845 sq ft with the bathroom in an alcove off of the studio (this REALLY bothered me) and the wellness room accessed by walking through the studio. Not the best set-up, I admit, but it was what was available and I KNEW I had to be in The Grove. Martin, blue door’s wonderful landlord, heard me saying from day 1 that we needed a bigger space and he listened. When Bauman College announced they were moving out of their anchor spot in December 2019, Martin immediately contacted me and asked if I wanted it. Of course, I did! We started the build-out of the dated 3500 sq ft space in January 2020 for an open date of April 1st 2020, our 5 year anniversary. Well, we all know what happened in March 2020. Our beautiful new space was all ready to welcome the community, but the world had a different plan—COVID shutdown. We quickly shifted to an online model (I had always wanted an online presence, but I really would have preferred to do it in a different way!) and Zoomed all our classes. Each teacher taught from their homes, and we got a glimpse into our students’ beautiful spaces and met their cute pets who joined them on the mat. 80% of studios closed in 2020; we lost 80% of our members. Those members who held on and enabled blue door to keep this dream studio are the true heroes. They had a vision of what they wanted the post-pandemic world to look like and they made it happen. I am filled with gratitude for you and your foresight.

And now look at what we have: the yoga studio and wellness center of my dreams; a thriving and vibrant community; a staff that is passionate, professional, and unparalleled. All in Downtown Penngrove. From the bottom of my heart-thank you, thank you, thank you. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t pinch myself at what we have created.

I have created a short montage of all the spaces we have inhabited. Take a look:

To say thank you, we have a lot of events planned for the month of April. Discounts, raffles, mimosas after morning classes during the week of 4.24-4.30, a visit from our Eminence Rep on Wednesday, April 19th with a demo of the Tropical Superfood Collection at 2pm. Let us know if you are able to join us and we will reserve your spot. Oh, and did I mention that we will have bellinis at the event? Skin care+bellinis, of course you'll be here :-) Here is to 8 years under our belt and another 80 on the horizon. Xx


April 10, 2023


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