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At Blue Door we provide traditional yoga and present seriously deep philosophy in a welcoming, fun, irreverent environment.

We encourage our students to speak up during class, ask questions, speak their minds, and use the props that best support their bodies.

We have all the props you could ever desire because we know that every body is different and everyone’s practice is a unique path sustained by a wide variety of yoga styles.

Meet us on the mat

Meet our instructors

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Tradition in Practice

Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)

Are you curious and have a zest for learning?

Join our community on your journey of self-transformation. 

At Blue Door, Tradition in Practice is marrying eastern wisdom with western practice and in our training, you will learn how to use yoga as a tool to discover your essence – to identify your sankalpa.

Join Our Community

Membership & Rates

We invite you to join our community and we offer drop-in class rates, packages, and memberships that support your wellness goals

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