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Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you want to teach yoga or not, YTT will deepen your practice, increase your mind-body connection, and take you on a journey of self-transformation.

Diverse & Experienced Team

We invite guest teachers to teach on selected topics. Learning from these master teachers is a wonderful opportunity for you to hear different perspectives and receive wisdom from other leaders in the yoga community.

Extended Weekend Format

We think this is the best way to learn – allowing you to assimilate what you’re learning into your practice and life over the course of 6 months.

Join our community

We’ll just come out and say it, we think we have the greatest group of people this side of the Petaluma River. As a member of our training you will be deepen your relationships with the teachers and students at blue door.

Free Yoga

Who can say no to that?

TT Books.jpg

tradition in practice

what is Tradition in practice?

The concept of marrying eastern wisdom with western practice. In our training, you will learn how to use yoga as a tool to discover your essence – to identify your sankalpa. Our training will give you a strong foundation in anatomy & the skills to build elegant, safe sequences. By the end of the training, you will be adept at queueing postures & have the ability to look at bodies & offer modifications & adjustments when appropriate. You will also gain knowledge of Ayurveda within the context of yoga & yoga philosophy. You will walk away well versed in the 8 limbs of yoga & familiar with mantras and chanting.










what sets us apart?

The best of both worlds: a strong emphasis on creating a safe, enjoyable, well aligned physical practice as well as a major focus on the philosophical roots of yoga. We believe in honoring the ancient tradition of yoga, based on breath, meditation, and stillness. If you are reading this, you intuitively know that yoga is not just the asana; this training will elucidate what it truly means to practice yoga. You will come to understand your “why” – why do you show up on your mat?

YTT 2024
Schedule & COST

Friday, Saturday & Sunday every other weekend

January 26th - August 11th

(15 weekends)

Download YTT 2024 Dates

$3700 when paid in full by October 31, 2023

$4000* after October 31, 2023

*Payment plans available

Registration is open!

"Blue Door’s YTT program is truly a transformative experience. You learn more than cueing postures. The spiritual tools you gain offer opportunities for mental clarity and new levels of consciousness. It will impact your life in a positive and meaningful way. Guest speakers offer new perspectives on different disciplines and styles of yoga, Mentor meetings throughout, Philosophy discussions on topics such as the gunas, doshas, and sacred ancient texts. I highly recommend this program. Your spirit and soul will thank you for the experience."

- Lauren T.

Alexa Young, CA


Interested in learning more?

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