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Birthday Love

Today’s my birthday and I’m so thankful!

I woke up this morning and forgot it was my birthday until my daughter reminded me. But, once I remembered, I was filled with joy. Not because it’s my birthday, although that doesn’t hurt :-), but because of this wonderful life I get to live every day. That sounds so trite and cliched, but it’s SO TRUE.

Every day I get to do what I love, live in a place that fills my cup, and share this life with the most beautiful human beings.

A student and I were talking yesterday and she said the sweetest thing to me. She said, “You work such long hours and are always here. But, what is wonderful is that you are always happy and welcoming.” I’m paraphrasing because this old brain can’t remember sh*t. I hope that’s ok, Kim

And I am always happy. Why wouldn’t I be? Living in a wonderful community on my dream property, a 3 block commute to work, opening up the doors every morning of a space that I dreamed of and now am honored to steward, spending my days with the most beautiful human beings. What’s not to love?

We all know there have been bumps in the road (hello health issues, pandemics, and all that), but the bumps have made all of this so much more special, so much more appreciated. Thank you for being such vibrant, beautiful, inspirational friends. Words cannot express how humbled and honored I am to have every single one of you in my life. This life is the best and the only birthday present I will ever want.

Thank you. Xx Jesi



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