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Live like an Italian

This is a picture of Ian and I during our last, proper, family vacation; Maui, August 2001. AUGUST. 2001. Ian was 1.5 years; he is now 24. That's the last time we went on a vacation that wasn't a family event and was longer than a weekend. I think we're overdue for another proper vacation. And June can't get here fast enough!

If you haven't been to the studio lately, then you may not have heard that Blue Door is hosting a yoga retreat in Italy on the Adriatic Sea from June 29th-July 6th. We have access to the most beautiful 8 acre estate with a luxurious villa, priavate chef, 2 pools, tennis courts, beautiful gardens, sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, yoga room with all the props, and treatment rooms for massages. We have one room left and it's the best one! Unobstructed sea views. It can be a single room for those truly looking to reset or a double occupancy room. Air fares are still priced very well, so jump on this final chance to join us.

What I want for myself and participants in this retreat is an opportunity to slow the f**k down. To not need a vacation from their vacation. I want us to have space to breathe, live like a local, enjoy a beautiful location and not have to worry about a thing. Sign up today:

Here is a sample itinerary:

Alba Serenità - Serene Dawn

7:15am Meditation

Nutrire l'Anima - Nourish the Soul (cooked by our own personal chef)

7:30am Light Breakfast

Fluire con Grazia - Flow with Grace

9:30am Yoga Practice

Delizie Culinarie - Culinary Delights

12:30pm Lunch

Pomeriggi di Relax - Afternoons of Relaxation

1:30-4:30pm Pool Time, Massages, Walks

Rinnovo e Riposo - Renewal and Rest

4:30-6:30pm Restorative Yoga/Yoga Nidra

Eleganza della Sera - Evening Elegance

6:30pm Dinner


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