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21st Century Life is A LOT…give yourself a break

Have you eavesdropped on conversations that happen in the studio? So many conversations, so many topics, so much good information.

Just a few that have happened in the last week:

· Yoga IS functional movement. We don’t need to make the movement new and interesting.

· Meditating is hard. How can we make it easier (hint: follow @jesimifsudwellness since she just posted on this)

· Nutribullet vs Vitamix. Which blender is better? The conversation took a hilarious and unexpected turn. IYKYK.

· Why are so many people getting so many autoimmune diseases? What the actual f**k is going on?

The last one is the one I am going to address in this blog post. As you know (or maybe not), I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was the first to get it in our family, no known genetic link in previous generations. Why do I think we are seeing a rise in autoimmunity? It’s our world. It is so HARD. No decision or action is ever straight forward and easy. Here’s an example of how difficult making a decision in this world is.

Last week, I needed to buy a few things (personally and for the studio). I thought to myself, ok, let’s jump on Amazon and find what I need. And then I stopped myself and asked shouldn’t I go to a local store and buy it so I keep my tax dollars local? Or shouldn’t I find a smaller seller and buy it from them to support their business? I said, f**k it, I just need to get this stuff and I don’t have time to do all this research. So I jumped on Amazon.

Once there, I started looking for items that were made in the US so I could keep my dollars in the country at least. It was a fruitless search. I could not find any products that were US made (I was looking for a bottle brush for the chai carafes and a couple of other things). I spent about 30 minutes searching and gave up.

Then I thought I shouldn’t buy a plastic brush, I should get one made of sustainable materials so that I don’t mess up the planet more than I already have. Another 30 minutes or so down that rabbit hole only to find that there was no product that met my needs.

OMG, people! No wonder we’re all sick and stressed out! What a nightmare! Do you think our parents went through all this when they had to buy a bottle brush? Did it take them 1 hour to finally buy the damn item? I don’t think so. And since they didn’t have to stress over EVERY LITTLE MINUTIA, they were a lot healthier—physically and mentally.

THIS. This is our problem. I don’t think I make a single decision that doesn’t require some amount of brain power. I don’t buy anything without first checking where it’s from, if it’s healthy (for us or the planet or both), if it is fair trade, if it, if it, if it. Nothing in our world is on autopilot. And, I believe, this is at the root of many of our ailments.

Stop overthinking everything. Give yourself permission to just do something because you want to without thinking of it’s impact. See how that makes you feel. See what freedom it brings you; what joy; what ease.




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