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take seat in your body

During a recent class, my philosophy topic was “taking seat in your body” from a yoga/Ayurveda perspective. Like most students who hear this for the first time, you’re probably asking, “What the heck is that?!?!” Well, let me explain 😊

You’ve often heard a yoga teacher ask you to take a “comfortable seat (Sukhasana)”, yes? But what probably hasn’t been expanded upon is what this comfortable seat is promoting—taking a seat in your body. When you take seat in your body, you are finding that grounded space within yourself. This is an important daily practice. When you recognize and move from this grounded space, your days are filled with expansive grace and alignment.

The reason I used this philosophy in my teaching NOW is because we are in a precarious season. We are in a seasonal shift from summer (Pitta) to fall (Vata). Ayurveda believes that any time we are in between seasons, the opportunity for imbalance is heightened. The reason for this is that we (humans) are a microcosm of the macrocosm (the Universe). What is happening in the world is being mirrored within us.

As Mother Nature is searching for sure footing in this shifting of seasons, so are we. With this unstable foundation, it is imperative that we cultivate good routines and systems to help us stay healthy and balanced. What does this mean? Have a regular sleep schedule. Eat healthy, balanced meals with lots of COOKED veggies. Stay true to your meditation and grounded yoga practice. By grounded yoga practice, I mean move slowly and deliberately; practice balancing pranayama techniques such as Nadi Shodhana. In your other activities, slow down: walk instead of running; lift weights mindfully instead of doing crossfit. In other words, SLOW THE F**K DOWN.

With this slowing down you begin to recognize when there is dis-ease. You recognize when something is no longer serving you. You recognize what you need to cut out of your life and what you need to keep. This awareness will keep you healthy, balanced, and full of ojas (vigor/vitatlity). THIS is your yoga.




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