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"Some Fights Are Not Worth Fighting"

These were the words of wisdom given to me by our acupuncturist during my session today. We didn’t put any needles in me, we didn’t use the infrared lamp, we didn’t do any of the traditional things that you see during an acupuncture session. Instead we moved chi by talking, bringing up emotions that were locked inside, and finding softness.

We talked about my childhood, my mom, my dad, my siblings, our childhood family structure, my mom’s legacy, my kids, blue door. We talked about trauma, we talked about life choices, we talked about immigration, we talked about cultures, and so much more– with and without words. I cried. I felt emotions that I usually tamp down because they’re a lot.

I will expand in future newsletters about my childhood trauma because I believe it is so relevant to what I’m doing here at blue door. My trauma is the reason that blue door came into existence. My work, in this lifetime, is to help people (and myself) navigate their trauma and not be relegated to living it over and over. This is what Grazina, our acupuncturist, is helping me with. But, it is not a one-woman job; it takes a village to overcome trauma. That’s why I have my family, my community, my yoga, and blue door.

And to think, this soul-baring conversation all began with the discussion of poop. You guys know that in Eastern Medicine, everything begins and ends with poop, right?

Remember, in my last email, I had talked about pulling back the curtain that obscures? This is just the beginning. I’m so glad to have you on this journey with me.





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